Founded in 2008, ThreeA is an award winning Toy, Entertainment, and Publishing company founded by artist Ashley Wood and Hong Kong toy maker Kim Fung Wong. ThreeA is known internationally for their intricately detailed and uniquely designed original and licensed multi-scaled collectible toy lines.

Over the years, 3A has extended its award-winning design and production techniques towards their original lines World War Robot, Popbot, Tomorrow Kings, Adventure Kartel, and Isobelle Pascha. As well as licensed properties for Hasbro's Transformers, Marvel, DC Comics, 2000 AD, and video game developers Bethesda, Valve, Bungie, Konami, and 343 Industries. 



Where is ThreeA Located?
ThreeA is a Hong Kong based company. We manufacture our products in China. We have several employees that work remotely in Australia, Canada, Japan, The United States, and Latvia.

Do you ever reissue your figures?
No, ThreeA does not make reissues. To maintain the artistry, integrity, and collectibility of the designs we only offer them for a limited period of time. However, that is not to say there will not be varations of said character/design, or an offering of the same character/design in a different scale. 

What is 3AA?
The ThreeA Associates Membership is a limited fan club that entitles Bamabaland customers to a discount on orders, an exclusive membership pack, and occasionally 3AA exclusive items. 

How do I become a 3AA Member?
3AA Membership is available annually in Mid-January. Membership is only offered for 24hours. You must pay for your membership within that 24hours or you will not have access to the 3AA benefits of that year. Each year offers different items and different benefits to 3AA Members. 

What is the 3A Legion?
The 3A Legion, or Legionnaires are the life blood of ThreeA. It is the title bequeathed upon the hardcore international fan groups of ThreeA by Ashley Wood. Legion are many and populate communities online and offline across the world. 

Do you take commissions or make custom figures for a fee?
No, ThreeA does not take commissions or customize figures for a fee. Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong curate all toy lines and IP ThreeA produces.  


Where can I buy your product?
ThreeA’s Official distributor is BambalandStore.com. The Bambaland Store offers Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders unless otherwise noted. ThreeA also offers Retail Editions of certain Collectible Lines to Stockists Worldwide. Please Check www.worldofthreea.com/3astockists for a retailer near you!

What is a Pre-order?
ThreeA works on a pre-order system. The Pre-order (PO) means you are committing to purchase and ultimately reserve the item offered at that time. However many items are ordered within the limited PO window are how many ThreeA produces. The Pre-order Price pays for Production costs for your item.

Do I need an Account to pre-order?
Yes, you need to sign up for a Bambaland Account. It is quick and simple. All stored information is secure and confidential. 

Do I need a PayPal Account to purchase items from Bambaland?
Yes, you will need a PayPal account to purchase any and all items from Bambaland. 

I have an account, but I am moving. Who do I contact to change address?
Please directly contact ThreeA’s Customer Service Professionals at CS@threeAonline.com

When will I get my item ( figure/apparel/book/etc)?
Estimated Shipping times can be found on the Order Page of that Bambaland Item. Please keep in mind this is only an estimate and delays may occur. Items placed for Pre-order are not the finalized product. Estimates are listed as Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4. It generally takes about 6months for production. It can take production up to 9months, or occasionally longer, to ship your item after the close of the PO window. We thank you all for your support and patience.

Where do I get updates on my Pre-orders?
ThreeA Offers General Shipping Updates every month on the side-bar of WO3A.com, in the H3ADLINES Online Newsletter, and at worldofthreea.com/shipping. Please note these updates are incomplete and may not feature all items previously made available for Pre-order. Items not listed are awaiting updates from the Factory Schedule. We share these updates across all our Social Media. 

If I order from Bambaland, do I Pay Now or Pay when they are ready to Ship?
Bambaland Orders require payment in full at the time of purchase. All unpaid orders will be canceled. 

I Pre-ordered an item from a Retailer, when will I get my figure?
Please contact your retailer of choice for all orders placed through them. In general, Retail Stock is shipped at after Bambaland stock has already shipped. Retailers take pre-orders and after they pay for their stock of pre-orders, we ship to them. This is can take up to several months after Bambaland Stock is in customer’s hands. Arrival times will vary depending on Location and Courier. 

Has ThreeA ever canceled a figure after it has gone up for Pre-order?
No, ThreeA has never canceled a figure after a pre-order has been established. Rest assured ThreeA commits to projects placed for pre-order and has never not shipped a figure. 

My Item has been Delayed, Why?
Keep an eye on the Shipping News for updates. Delays happen and happen often. This is consistent with not just ThreeA, but all toy companies. At ThreeA we strive for greatness and quality products. We would rather delay an item’s shipment, than send something out we do not feel fits our high standards of production. 

How limited are ThreeA products, how many are made?
Production Numbers are rarely disclosed. We prefer fans to focus on enjoying the piece itself rather than the edition size. All items produced by ThreeA are limited by nature. 

I am a Retailer and I want to carry your products, who do I talk to?
Please contact wholesale@three-zero.com 

I am a Reviewer and I want to review your items, who do I talk to?
Please note we have a limited stock of Review Samples and a long list of Reviewers queued up. If you would interested in reviewing our products please contact Gregory@threeAonline.com

For all Refunds/Damages/Lost/Repairs please directly contact ThreeA’s Customer Service Professionals at CS@threeAonline.com

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